You’ve decided you’re ready to build, renovate or remodel a space. During our initial conversation, we will collect a few preliminary details from you, and set up a time to meet in order to discuss the details of, and measure for the project. We will then visit the site in order to get accurate measurements and awareness of the space and vision you have for it. No two jobs are the same, so we will take the collected details back to the office and compile an estimate for your project. The estimation process takes time in order to be as accurate as possible, but a few days after our initial visit and consultation, you should expect an estimate for your project delivered to you. This is considered a pre-design estimate and should be viewed as a ballpark figure, and not necessarily finish specific. 



So, the estimate fits your budget and you’d like to move forward with the project. Whats next? Well this is entirely project dependent. We will request a design retainer. This retainer will allow us to invest the time to do everything from have your site surveyed, incorporate the expertise of our architects or engineers, and/or work with you to explicitly specify finish materials, surfaces and fixtures, etc. for the project. Communication is key during this design phase. We’re happy to provide guidance or input, or even specify materials that you’re unsure about, and let you focus on those facets and items that matter most to you. Once the project scope is solidified, and finishes selected, we will provide you with, a more concrete, proposal on your project. 



At this time, revisions to the plan and materials schedule are due. We will require a deposit and a signed contract prior to securing a spot on the schedule. We will commence procurement of your building and finish materials, obtain all required permits for the project, and begin securing all related subcontractors. Now is your time to obtain approval from any home-owners association or enforcement committees, make any arrangements you may require during the project, and prep your space for the construction.  



On-site work begins on your project. You will meet with your construction manager and discuss site related concerns such as daily schedule, on-site storage for project, dumpster location, etc. We will treat your space with upmost respect, and protect your home from job site traffic, dust and debris. See our PLEDGE TO HOMEOWNERS. Your CM will oversee the site day to day, ensure we meet standards of quality, and ensure tasks are completed on time and according to plan. As the project progresses, you should begin to see your vision coming to fruition. Often times, throughout the course of a project, changes to the plan arise. These could be changes based on unforeseen circumstances, concealed or otherwise, or client changes in the plan or the materials that have been selected. These changes will be accompanied by a change order, delivered to the client, and reflected in the project balance.  



Upon completion of the project, according to the original plan and approved change orders, we will ensure the job site is left clean and orderly. We will take the time to meet with you, walk through and discuss the project, and ensure your job is complete from your perspective, as well as our own. 



Our work doesn’t end when the check is deposited. We stand behind the quality of both our craftsmanship and workmanship in all of our projects. We offer a 24 month warranty on all workmanship related to your project. Additionally, we aim to ensure that we’ve met all manufacturers requirements and specifications in order to ensure all material warranties are upheld and honored by the manufacturers. You can rest easy knowing that if issues do arise, we will go the distance to make it right.